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Added: 2017-01-18

billed me for goods not not delivered or orded.

Added: 2017-05-16

Stole L120.00 from my account for male enhancement pills that I dod not order. Phoned and informed them that no order was made, I was then refunded, told that my account was closed and 24 hours later I was recharged again. Informed my solicitor and will be taking legal action against them.

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Added: 2016-03-22

  no info
Who called me on this number 01536 658704

Added: 2016-03-31

  no info
This number has tried to call me several times a day for the past few days. Nothing when picked up. Suspicious?

Added: 2016-04-01

  no info
Nothing nothing

Added: 2016-04-26

  no info

Added: 2016-04-29

  no info
zerlinda mcneill

Added: 2016-05-05

  no info
Looking to see who keeps calling

Added: 2016-05-06

  no info
Don't know who's number is this.

Added: 2016-05-10

  no info
John fry pickens

Added: 2016-05-16

  no info

Added: 2016-05-17

  no info

Added: 2016-05-17

  no info
Got a lot of strange calls these days from different part of the world. Probably scammers.

Added: 2016-05-22

  no info

Added: 2016-05-25

  no info
Im 16

Added: 2016-06-10

  no info
I like pickles.

Added: 2016-08-23

Just called saying they had had a report I was in a not-my-fault car accident, hung up very quickly as soon as I started saying absolutely not where did you get my number I'm on the TPS...

Added: 2016-08-28

Man called looking for someone told him wrong number then he starts cussing at me very nasty words!!

Added: 2016-10-25

This number calls and then hangs up. ringing back the messaage says it's not connected

Added: 2016-10-25

i dont know whose number is this.I took the call but the guy spoke very fastly and i couldnt make out

Added: 2016-12-14

keeps calling. Don't know who it is and doesn't leave message

Added: 2017-01-07

Unknown msg on whatsapp was sent

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